At the Learning Flow, we develop learning programs that constantly engage participants, helping them to make meaning of newly acquired skills and knowledge, to apply new practices to their professional context, leading to a lasting training impact based on the following principles:

A Learner Centered Training Approach

Participatory, or participant centered learning can be defined as an experience whereby learners interact with subject content, discussing with peers and trainers, in order to internalise meaning and make connections with what is already known (Nicol & Macfarlane, 2007). The core assumptions are active engagement in learning and learners responsibility for the management of their learning.

Innovative Training Activities

Participant centered training programs include innovative activities with the goal to enhance participation, support networking, solve problems, inspire solutions and in the end, build learning.

These activities are carefully designed or adapted in order to reach the desired Intended Learning Outcomes. They may range from WorldCafe, to Open Space, Knowlegde Fair, case studies, role plays, FishBowl discussion, Jigsaw activity, Concept mapping etc.