A Learner Centered Training Approach

Participatory, or participant centered learning can be defined as an experience whereby learners interact with subject content, transforming and discussing with others, in order to internalise meaning and make connections with what is already known (Nicol & Macfarlane, 2007). Even if there is no agreement on the precise definition of this type of learning, the core assumptions are active engagement in learning and learners responsibility for the management of their learning.

Training with an Impact

At the Learning Flow, we develop learning programs that constantly engage participants, helping them to make meaning of newly acquired skills and knowledge, to apply new practices to their professional context, leading to a stronger training impact.

Innovative Training Activities

Participant centered training programs include innovative activities with the goal to enhance participation, support networking, solve problems, inspire solutions and in the end, build learning.

These activities are carefully designed or adapted in order to reach the desired Intended Learning Outcomes. They may range from WorldCafe, to Open Space, Knowlegde Fair, case studies, role plays, FishBowl discussion, Jigsaw activity, Concept mapping etc.

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Activities and Portofolio
Design and Facilitation of Learner Centered Training Programmes
Most recent projects include training programmes for the IOM (Integrating anti-trafficking approaches within a crisis-response, Global Resettlement or Reducing the vulnerability of migrants in situation of crisis), OHCHR (Rights of LGBTI People), or the University of Rwanda (Health Supply Chain Management)
Facilitation of stakeholder workshop (50 participants)
20 février 2017

Florence did a stellar job facilitating. She kept the programme lively,  moving and on-time, all while maintaining a very relaxed and pleasant demeanor.

Steve H, ILO

L Guadagno – IOM training
21 septembre 2016

Working with Florence has been an absolute pleasure. She has been able to transform rapidly and effectively a static text into a lively, varied and innovative training course, which we have been able to adapt to a variety of events with diverse audiences and in diverse geographical contexts. Throughout the process she has showed extreme flexibility, endless patience and the capacity to get in depth in a very specialized subject.

L Guadagno - IOM

Designing and developing training programs
9 mai 2016

Florence is client-oriented: she was very attentive to identify needs and provided guidance and materials accordingly. She is reliable and a pleasure to work with!

S. Lee - IOM

2 mai 2016

During most of the training programs I attend, I feel like looking at my watch regularly. Not during this one though, as there was no time to get bored!

Oscar - Participant to IOM training

25 novembre 2015

Florence is a highly experienced and qualified trainer who brings many years of experience and humor to the training room. She is very professional and manages difficult situations with ease. It always a pleasure to work with her!

C.Kim - OHCHR, training department

Design and Facilitation of Training Programmes for Audiences with Lower Literacy Levels
Most recent projects include training programmes for the ITC (Improving agricultural practices of small farmers in Ethiopia, Rwanda and Bhutan) or the ILO (The role of cooperatives in eliminating child labour).

Conception of Information, Education, and Communication Resources for Audiences with Lower Literacy Levels
Most recent projects include the conception and development of leaflets and posters, conveying key messages with the support of illustrations to rural population . This work is done in collaboration with an illustrator.

Design and Facilitation of Training of Trainers programmes
Most recent projects include ToT programmes for the IOM, the Global Health Supply Chain, the ILO, or the OHCRH.
Creating an engaging learning environment
5 janvier 2017

"We were very impressed with Florence’s professional work designing and facilitating our training of trainers workshop. On very short notice, she put together a highly effective programme, and her guidance to the organizers was insightful. During the workshop, she created a learning environment, where the participants were engaged and creative. Florence was critical to the success of our workshop" S. Pohl, UNHCR

Nordeen B, Trainer – UNITAR training programme
19 juillet 2016

At the beginning of this training program, I had doubts about my capacites to act as a trainer. By now, I feel confident about being a trainer and I am looking forward to start my training activities.

Nourdeen B, UNITAR training programme