You probably had the opportunity lately to experience e-learning. We hope you came across user-friendly learning platforms and well-designed courses. However, we also know that too many eLearning courses are designed transposing methodologies from residential learning, which is not always very conducive to learning. Altering residential courses into eLearning ones requires thorough adaptation of the course curriculum, activities, facilitation, assessment practices and methodology to ensure the highest retention rate.

At the Learning Flow, we have experience in (re) designing and developing eLearning courses, self-learning or facilitated, blended or fully online. We work with Moodleand Articulate 360to create interactive courses, with the aim to facilitate the transfer of newly acquired knowledge and competencies to the workplace.

Example of self-paced eLearning module developed with Rise 360.


Screen shot of an instructor-led course on Moodle.

Guided by the Universal Instructional Design principles (Burgstahler, 2007), we design and develop eLearning courses that:
• are equitable and flexible to access;
• are simple and intuitive to follow;
• require low technical effort to join and study;
• promote interaction and communication amongst and between peers, and tutors.